Garden Planting

The garden planting scheme is the detail in the overall landscape concept. 

Plants are chosen for their form, texture, mood and size, for screening and shading purposes and seasonal colour. If the brief is for an English country garden or a Japanese zen garden, the planting will be appropriate to that style. Plants and trees are locally sourced so they are acclimatised to local conditions, and varieties are chosen to fit the climate, soil type etc.

Soil preparation and irrigation systems

  • Correct soil preparation is vital for plant establishment

  • Irrigation systems ensure plant survival and low maintenance

Specimen trees, hedges, beds and borders

  • Chosen for form, texture, colour, style

  • Create boundaries, shape garden rooms, give privacy and shade 

Ornamentals, vegetables, fruit trees

  • Bring seasonal colour and produce crops

Staking, fertilising and mulching

  • Maintain the plants through the establishment phase

  • Ensure they are protected from weather events 

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