Revitalise Your Home with Quality Nelson Landscaping Services

If you’re ready for something new, you can transform your home in Nelson with landscaping services from Sherlock Landscaping. Our team combines exceptional service with technical know-how and a good aesthetic sense to complete stunning landscaping projects. Our services include everything that you’d want to have done on your property, whether you’re looking for retaining walls in Nelson or have plans to redesign your garden.

Benefits of Landscape Design in Nelson

Great landscaping reflects a cohesive vision that affects your property in many ways.

  • You can improve your home’s value with a landscaping project. Add a new garden, attractive plantings, or a path linking different parts of the property. Much of your property’s appeal comes from its layout, so making a few simple changes can have a tremendous impact both on your home’s perceived and real value.

  • Many homeowners want to improve their gardens but don’t know where to start. The existing land can be overgrown or inefficiently set out, especially if it was inherited upon purchase. If you’re ready for a clean slate and want to design things fresh, then a property “huck out” can give you the new start that you need.

  • You can combine traditional landscaping ideas with new hard landscaping to add pathways, retaining walls, raised gardens, and more. New additions can be subtle or wild, so get creative. Our team can discuss the designs that we’ve already completed and use our good sense to suggest options for you. View our portfolio to see examples of our completed projects.

What Sets Sherlock Landscaping apart as a Landscaping company in Nelson

Out of the many companies that offer landscaping in Nelson, NZ, why choose Sherlock Landscaping? Consider several reasons that set us apart from the competition:

  • We have experience with both residential and commercial clients, so we can handle any size project. No matter your landscaping needs, Sherlock Landscaping can address them and deliver excellent results.

  • Our team has worked together for over a decade, creating a harmonious approach that increases our efficiency and effectiveness. Each team member has a distinct skill set and takes the lead on different parts of our landscaping projects accordingly. Whatever project you’re considering, we have someone who can handle it.

  • The staff at Sherlock Landscaping take a professional, earnest approach toward our clients.

  • We prioritise communication, ensuring that you are in the know during the entire process. Our team is open and straightforward about your project, which helps us both to properly assess the scope and create an accurate timeline before laying a stone.

About Sherlock Landscaping

We’re a company that has extensive experience working with families throughout Nelson. Every project helps us refine our skills and enhances our creativity. Consider your home’s exterior. Does it give you comfort? Does it bring you joy? We’re happy to discuss any projects that you want to accomplish, so contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step to transform your property into something that makes you proud.

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